A DC Sporting Year Measured in Pizza

Exactly one year ago I created IsPizzaHalfPrice.com. I consider this to be my most enduring and noble contribution to the progress of humanity.

To celebrate, I went digging into the pizza database. Here’s what I found.

Overall, there is some pretty consistent half-price pizza to be had throughout the year. As you might expect, the probability of half-price pizza increases when all participating teams are in season. We are pretty much at Peak Pizza right now, with six qualifying days already in the first week and a half of April.

DC Pizza Days by Month

Breaking down the stats by franchise tells a surprisingly accurate story of each team’s season. The Nationals start slowly, surge at the end of the season, but drop off the chart before October arrives. The Wizards wobble but finally make it stick over .500 with a hot March. The Caps seem to have been weirdly consistent, but consistently average.


All kidding aside, I’m pretty giddy about the response the website and the accompanying free iOS app have received over the last year. Thanks to everyone who visited and passed on your kind comments. Here’s to a pizza-filled Nats season and Wizards post-season.

Nerdy chart note: Don’t try to add up the numbers for each team and expect them to total the overall stats – on some days, multiple teams qualified for half-price pizza. What a waste!